So today, (yesterday, since I am writing this at 1am) was my first trial at my own place for training this 5 year old mare.She is absolutely gorgeous. Of a famous and well proven stallion who is no longer. He has over 250  offspring. And I have one of the most recent beauties.

I am a lucky girl. I was asked to train and show this horse from a breeder in this region. Since the day I met her a few years ago, as we got to know each other, she has seemed to become one of my biggest supporters in the equine industry.

After having this wonderful ,are “trained” at a few places, she gave up with their shenanigans and asked ME if I would train and show her this season. All expenses paid. Shoes and shows and shots and you name it. Her hopes are to sell this wonderful mare. Part of the commission will be given to me for training and showing. This way I can maintain “amateur status,” which I want to keep for a while for many reasons.

I had tried this mare at her owners home only once, about two weeks ago. She seemed broken, but very green. After she arrived home at my place yesterday, my first”break in” ride was today. Obviosuly, having just moved and being new to this place, she was nervous, spooky and acting VERY green.

I went through the basics this first ride here, walk trot and canter.

Continued lots of walking around, turning, and stopping and backing up.

She started to settle down and get comforted.

HOWEVER, she is a randomly spooky mare!

Despite her green-ness, and my expectation to get her ready for show season within months, I have full confidence and hopes.

She is a beautful and amazing mare. And throughout my challenges and experience, I’ve gained my right to full confidence in myself, and knowing that God has set up this opportunity only to support my present and my future!


I will post on progress!

Thanks for reading,



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